About Us

About Us

Leveraging global drilling expertise, MDA sets the industry standard with world-class boring technology for vertical drilling.

Spearheading drilling projects across Australia

Master Drilling Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of a prominent South African firm, is poised to significantly influence Australia’s mining sector. Armed with our extensive experience and cutting-edge master boring technology, MDA is dedicated to leading vital drilling projects across Australia, including ventilation shafts and vertical mining developments. Our proactive approach heralds a fresh era in Australian mining, prioritising precision, efficiency and safety in every endeavour. With a proven record of excellence, MDA contributes substantial expertise to the local mining community, committed to advancing industry capabilities in this region.

Our approach


We value our customers, providing only the best expert advice and tailored solutions for all client requirements, welcoming varying viewpoints and contributions.


We accept responsibility for our actions and make and support decisions through experience and good judgment – we are committed to the decisions we make.


We challenge the status quo and proactively seek out new, different or more effective methods to improve performance and service delivery.


We believe in the safe, compliant and reliable delivery of our operations.


We utilise tools, technology and resources to maximise efficiency and effectiveness; delivering on time and on budget.

Our difference

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Challenging rock conditions pose no obstacle to Master Drilling. Serving as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for all our drill rigs, equipment and technology, backed by 35 years of dedicated research and development, we eliminate the reliance on third-party OEMs.

This strategic edge empowers Master Drilling to consistently provide tailored, direct solutions and services that perfectly align with client needs and the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Training

The Master Drilling Group operates an integrated management system based on international standards, including ISO management and best practices, with the overarching goal of achieving zero harm to people, property, processes and the environment. In practice, this commitment involves several key elements:

We utilise leading and lagging indicators to proactively manage Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) and predict potential issues. When addressing incidents with an impact, we follow a ‘lessons learned’ approach, incorporating insights gained from these incidents into our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) practices. We maintain strict adherence to standard SHEQ Management Pillars to ensure comprehensive compliance. To continually enhance our performance, we set objectives and measure key results as part of our ongoing improvement efforts.

Eliminating live work

We pioneer safety and efficiency in mining operations by eliminating live work through advanced technologies and engineered controls. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, ensuring the well-being of personnel, compliance with regulations and the reduction of operational risks. These solutions extend production time, reduce downtime and enhance operational excellence.

Our people

Josh Sugden

General Manager

With 22 years of hands-on experience in the mining and construction sector, Josh brings a track record of achievement in leadership, strategic planning and fostering growth.
Marius Coetzee

Operations Manager

Drawing from over two decades of operational expertise within the mining and drilling industry, Marius demonstrates effective leadership and consistently delivers successful results for all stakeholders.
photo 2
Arnu Van Wyk

Financial Manager

Henry Hira


Ryno Bukswelding


Nemanja Petkovic


IMG_1575 2
Parth Patel

Mechanical Reliability Engineer

Michael Bradwell

SHEQT Advisor

Natalie Saltissi

Admin & Marketing Coordinator

Liam Meakins

Logistics & Asset Controller

Carla Kidd

Purchasing & Procurement Officer

Join our team!

MDA offers an innovative, safe and growth-oriented workplace in the mining industry. Join us in shaping the future.

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