Products and Services

Products and Services

Our technology bores vertically, reducing the risk of accidents, overbreak and exposure to hazards.

Safe, sustainable and
tailored solutions

MDA specialises in a diverse range of services for the mining industry. Our core values of Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Safety and Efficiency (RAISE) drive our operations. We provide cutting edge technology in raise bore drilling, optimising vertical development solutions. Our mechanical structural engineering services ensure the durability of mining infrastructure. We mitigate geological risks with geo-technical engineering, enhancing stability and reducing disruptions. Our consulting services provide comprehensive guidance, from feasibility to production, for increased efficiency and maximum project potential. MDA is your trusted partner in delivering safe, sustainable and tailored solutions for all your mining needs.

Our services

Raise Bore Drilling

MDA specialises in raise bore drilling, a technique that has transformed underground access in the industry. We utilise advanced rigs capable of communicating real-time data. This cutting-edge technology underscores our commitment to operational efficiency, safety and innovation, ensuring we stay at the forefront of mining technology.

Mechanical Structural Engineering Services

Our mechanical structural engineering services involve meticulous design, analysis and validation of components, enhancing durability, safety and compliance across various applications, ensuring material integrity and optimal structural performance.


MDA’s consulting services offer comprehensive guidance in mining projects from feasibility to production. We specialise in drilling techniques, equipment selection, safety, project management and environmental impact, driving efficiency and maximising your project’s potential.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Our geotechnical engineering services manage weathered zones in construction, offering analysis, foundation design and stability assessments to ensure safe, durable structures, suited to unique subsurface challenges in infrastructure projects.

Our products

Industry-leading mining technology

At MDA, our status as industry-leading experts in raise boring, a specialised drilling technique predominantly employed in mining and civil engineering, is well-established. This method efficiently creates vertical or inclined holes, known as raises, in the earth’s crust, setting us apart from conventional drilling methods. Our approach utilises advanced mechanised mining techniques, eliminating the need for explosives and significantly reducing the presence of workers in hazardous shaft environments.

Central to this process is the use of a raise boring machine, a robust and specially designed drilling rig. This innovative machinery operates by first drilling a pilot hole to the desired depth. Once the pilot hole is established, the machine then employs a reaming head to enlarge this hole to a much larger diameter, effectively creating the raise. This technique not only enhances safety but also ensures greater precision and efficiency in our drilling operations, contributing to our reputation as pioneers in the field.

The raise boring process

Drilling Process
Pilot Hole

Initially, a smaller diameter pilot hole is drilled from the upper level to the lower level where the raise is required. This pilot hole is typically guided by a pilot drill bit.

Drilling Process

Once the pilot hole is established, a larger diameter reaming head is attached to the raise bore machine. This reaming head enlarges the hole to the desired diameter while simultaneously creating the required raise.

Drilling Process
Material Removal

The cuttings produced during the piloting process are removed from the hole using reverse circulation. Throughout the reaming process the cuttings fall to the bottom of the raise and are removed by a tele-remote loader.

Drilling Process

Our rigs

We offer a fleet of specialised drill rigs capable of supplying drilling services across the exploration drilling spectrum.

RD6-123R Hydraulic Drive

A large size raise drill, ranging from 3.1m to 6.1m in diameter, to 1100m depth.

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RD6-91R Hydraulic Drive

A large size raise drill, ranging from 2.4m to 5.1m in diameter, to 1000m depth.

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RD7-1000 Electric Drive

A large size raise drill, ranging from 4.5m to 6.3m in diameter, to 1100m depth.

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RD3-250 Hydraulic Drive

A medium size raise drill, ranging from 1.5m to 3.5m in diameter, to 580m depth.

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Benefits of raise bore drilling

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